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Chad Green

Chad Green

Chad Green

Mr. Green serves as vice president and is responsible for engineering at Artis, and has a strong background in active protection systems.

When he began his career with Artis in 2005, he helped design a majority of the electronics, optics and custom sensing hardware for the company. As the staff has grown over the years, he has taken an increasing leadership role, guiding the engineering processes and participating in business development.

In 2013, Mr. Green helped to open a new market for active protection systems. Commercial active protections systems for roadway work zones have the potential to give advanced warning to highway workers and first responders who are vulnerable to deadly work zone accidents by distracted motorists. The APS system, called AWARE (Advanced Warning and Risk Evasion) represents a new and dynamic safety technology for work zones.

During his time at Artis, he has supported the safe design of electronic fuzing systems for Artis’ state-of-the-art active protection systems. He was the technical lead for an APS safety architecture that achieved approval from the joint safety review board of the U.S. armed services. As a deputy program manager, Mr. Green has supported hundreds of live-fire tests of active protection systems in several government-sponsored T&E activities. In 2013, he lead the Iron Curtain team to a 100% successful kill rate during testing integrated with the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle program.

Prior to coming to Artis, Mr. Green was employed with Northrop Grumman in its Electronic Systems division working on mission computers, ring laser gyroscopes, and functional test equipment to support the manufacturing process of MEMS gyroscopes. His thesis was completed in conjunction with Northrop Grumman to develop a new method for pre-production testing of MEMS systems using non-invasive laser stimulation–a technology which was adopted by NG ES for validating the mechanical integrity of micro-structures prior to installation in the system.

He has a B.S. degree in electrical engineering and an M.S. degree in physics, both from the University of Utah.

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