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Highway Safety

Highway Safety


AWARE: Making roadway work zones safer

Each year, hundreds of Americans are killed in highway work zones and thousands more are wounded, many critically. It’s a big problem that few of us hear much about.

To address these dangers and make our roadways safer, Oldcastle Materials — an industry leader dedicated to worker safety and customer service — turned to Artis to create the world’s most advanced work zone safety system.

The Advanced Warning And Risk Evasion (AWARE) system leverages technology and precision engineering to provide real-time warnings to distracted drivers and workers in harm’s way. The system is easy to deploy and continually monitors live traffic, learning an active work zone even as workers and equipment move about.  Once AWARE identifies a threat, the system generates audible and visual alerts, warning the driver to alter his/her behavior.  Simultaneously, AWARE issues individual alerts, both audible and vibratory, directly to each worker at risk — and only those workers at risk — providing critical split-seconds that could save their life.

The system has been tested extensively, and features a low false alarm rate and high threat detection rate. AWARE makes the most out of every microsecond for highway safety. Let Artis know how we can solve your intractable engineering and safety challenges.


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