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Darren Corey

Darren Corey

Darren Corey

Mr. Corey serves as lead software engineer and is responsible for all software development, and manages Artis’ Salt Lake office.

Within Artis, he has been the primary software engineer for the Compact Active Protection System (CAPS) and Smart Armor R&D programs. He has also designed software components and manages software development for the AWARE highway safety program.

From 2007-13, he worked as an embedded systems engineer at Artis, developing firmware and software systems for various R&D projects. His areas of expertise have included FPGAs, traditional microprocessors, and configurable soft-processor cores embedded in FPGA devices. He designed communication protocols, robust high-speed data transfer mechanisms, and message processing algorithms for the Iron Curtain active protection system. He also designed and implemented the architecture for safety-critical software in the Iron Curtain system, which was approved by the armed services safety review boards. He also designed high-speed analog-to-digital data collector systems, image processing algorithms, and high-speed fire-control algorithms for the EPIC program.

From 2003-07, he was advanced communications and DSP engineer for L-3 Communications, where he implemented Forward Error Correction designs in FPGAs. He designed modulator/demodulator circuit boards for airborne platforms, and modified firmware in a modem to interface with an experimental high-speed analog-to-digital convertor in order to perform direct RF sampling. He also created software to implement new data rates and communication waveforms in existing modem hardware, and assumed designer duties and led technical efforts to improve the debug process for a modulator/demodulator system in order to improve manufacturing throughput.

He co-holds a patent on waveguide mode suppression in cavities used for measurement of dielectric properties. He has a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of Utah and an M.E. degree in electrical engineering, also from the University of Utah.

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