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Iron Curtain active protection system

Iron Curtain active protection system


The close-in Iron Curtain active protection system offers unique and dependable protection that defeats rocket propelled grenades and other shoulder-launched threats. Iron Curtain uses extremely high-speed sensing and parallel processing to intercept and destroy a multitude of threats inches from their targets, affording the highest level of protection with the least collateral damage.


The Iron Curtain system can be integrated onto any ground vehicle platform, as well as rotary winged aircraft, watercraft and fixed sites such as buildings. Currently, the system is being tested on the Stryker vehicle; Iron Curtain has also been installed on the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle, the M-ATV, and the Humvee.
Iron Curtain offers:

  • Protection from a broad array of threats;
  • Minimal collateral damage;
  • Extremely low false alarm rate;
  • Affordability;
  • Solid state and modularized for durability; and
  • Built in test capability.

The Artis Iron Curtain active protection system is low weight and occupies minimal internal footprint. Its ability to classify targets, along with its array of countermeasures, enables it to efficiently address new and emerging threats, usually with just a software upgrade. Iron Curtain can be configured to protect almost any surface, including the front, sides and top of a vehicle, for full hemispheric protection.


Artis began its APS work on Iron Curtain in 2004 as a DARPA project, and the system quickly succeeded during its first live-fire test in August 2004.  Since that time, the system has undergone numerous government testing, and during the 2013 live-fire test — as  part of the Army’s  Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program — the Iron Curtain system received a perfect score.  Additionally, the software architecture for the Artis Iron Curtain APS has been approved via the Joint Services Weapons Safety Review process.

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Iron Curtain HMMWV

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Iron Curtain on a Stryker vehicle

Iron Curtain

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