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Jonathan Fairgrieve

Jonathan Fairgrieve

Jonathan Fairgrieve

Mr. Fairgrieve serves as vice president and lead mechanical engineer, and is responsible for a diverse array of projects involving sensing and active protection systems for DoD and commercial customers.

His early work at the company focused on designing a test platform to validate a novel anti-motion sickness technology for shipboard use.  He also worked on research and development efforts in the area of active protection.

Since 2006, he has served as lead mechanical designer and systems integrator for the Iron Curtain active protection system, helping to develop from concept design to a field-ready system utilizing sensor and countermunition tests and government-sponsored live-fire testing on different vehicle platforms, including the Stryker, HMMWV, M-ATV, and the Army Ground Combat Vehicle.  He has expertise in the areas of vehicle integration, mil-spec testing, design for manufacturing, explosive device design, threat characteristics, and high-level analysis approaches. In addition to continued improvements to the Iron Curtain system, he currently focuses on other novel active survivability systems.

He joined the company in 2004 after a brief stint as a business and technology analyst where he worked to help commercialize dual-use DoD technologies. He graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2003 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a minor in economics.

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