Advanced Real Time Information Systems

Senior Staff

Senior Staff

The Artis staff consists of highly experienced professionals in  technical disciplines required to design, build and test advanced real-time information systems.  Projects are completed by a team of seasoned and knowledgeable scientists, engineers, programmers and technical managers using the latest, state-of-the-art tools and equipment.  We can take your project from an idea or specification to a fully functioning prototype ready for manufacturing.

Mr. Brendley founded Artis in 1999, and serves as its president and as chair of the company’s board of directors. He is a leading authority on active protection systems designed to defeat a wide range of threats to warfighters, and has particular expertise in high-speed computer processing and safety systems.

Mr. Detter serves as executive vice president, and handles marketing, business operations, IT, security and purchasing.  Previously, he was deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, working on acquisition and R&D programs.

Mr. Schimkus serves as chief financial officer and brings more than 30 years of experience as a certified public accountant. He has been with Artis since its inception, and his expertise includes tax planning and preparation, financial analysis, Federal Acquisition Regulation and government contracting, and financial reviews for mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Fairgrieve serves as lead mechanical engineer and is responsible for a diverse array of projects involving sensing and active protection systems for DoD and commercial customers. His early work at the company focused on designing a test platform to validate a novel anti-motion sickness technology.

Dr. Cole serves as special assistant and contracting specialist, and serves as the company’s lead system safety engineer. He has a unique 36-year blend of military, consulting, scholastic and industrial experience, with the last 25 years connected to electronic fuzing and integrated ordnance.

Dr. Bohnet serves as chief scientist and as technical lead for countermunition development and threat interaction. He is responsible for the design, testing and integration of all explosives-related components for the company, for data analysis pertaining to threat interaction, for safety protocols, and for maintaining the company’s live-fire database.

Mr. Corey serves as lead software engineer and manages Artis’ Salt Lake City office.  Within Artis, he has been the primary software engineer for the Compact Active Protection System (CAPS) and Smart Armor R&D programs.  He has also designed software components and manages software development for the AWARE highway safety program.

Ms. Barth serves as director of Human Resources. Previously she served as vice president, handling human resources, business operations, security, IT and purchasing.

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